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Bridge Over River


"A Health and Nutrition coach – what is that?” I hear you say. That is the question I have been asked by my friends, colleagues and family over the last 6 months so many times.

Well, a Health and Nutrition Coach helps you achieve your goals around health, food, eating and lifestyle – and make them stick. 

My Health Journey

I started my health journey back in 2008 when I joined Weight Watchers in desperation because I needed to lose weight due to arthritis in my knees.  Apparently, my knees were 10 years older than the rest of my body.  I was 5’4 and 12 stone!

To cut a long story short despite Weight Watchers (and yes, I said despite), I managed to lose 3 and a half stone and discovered the joy of exercise.

I have a passion for exercise and had been on a journey of weight loss myself and I wanted to do something that combined these 2 things.  So after an age working in IT, I studied to become a health coach at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health

So how can I help you?

I aim to help people with weight management issues. (I say weight management because not everyone wants to lose weight, some people actually want to put some weight on!!) 

I’m also interested in helping people with chronic health issues like diabetes or digestive problems like IBS to understand how lifestyle changes can help improve their conditions. 

I would love to go on a journey to better health with you so please get in touch.

About Me: About Me
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