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So, what do you eat after a run? A.k.a (I hate running, I love running – part 2)?

So, there is a saying that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. As a Health and Nutrition coach I hold myself accountable – so here’s what I eat after a run. Surf and turf omelette! Bacon, smoked salmon, mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes and of course cheese!!!. It’s not pretty but it tastes great – my son had a moan about the position of the spinach (he’s a graphic designer!)

Healthy fats, lots of protein and plenty of veggies providing the carbs. It tastes great. Contrary to popular belief – healthy fats are good for you. Actually, your brain is 70% fat, so you definitely need fat to function properly – especially Omega 3.

So back to the running - a couple of weeks ago, I posted my love/hate relationship with running and how I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K programme. I was dreading going from running for 8 minutes to 20 minutes in just 2 days.

Well…….., (drumroll!!!!) – I did it! I can’t believe it, but I really did do it (thank God!!!). So, the challenge for last week was to run for 25 minutes. I was trudging along and actually I was feeling quite good. My coach on the app is Jo Whiley and she kept reminding me how far I’d run 5, minutes, 12.5 minutes, 20 minutes, actually once I got to 20 minutes, I was confident of finishing.

Then she tells me I’d run 29 minutes (hurray!!!), however what she said next was scary – she asked me to do my best Mo Farrah impression i.e. - sprint for the last 60 seconds. I nearly stopped and had a heart attack (joking, don’t call the paramedics). Unfortunately, the last 60 seconds of the route is uphill!!!

I did it (actually I love sprinting but not uphill). So, week 6 is over, bring on week 7 of the challenge – 3x25 minute runs! I love this programme!

Anyway, gotta run, so stay safe and Be Encouraged!!!!


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